Virginia Dare Dress Co. Spotlight

Hello, my lovely readers! I want to bring to your attention a dress company that is seeking to get into business.

It’s called the Virginia Dare Dress Co., founded by Rebekah Murray. And they want to bring to the world beautiful dresses!

These dresses are feminine. Elegant. Modest. Flattering. Classy. Simply beautiful.


The Samantha Dress from Virginia Dare Dress Co.

I love history, and Virginia Dare Dress Co. adds a little bit of style from eras gone by to their apparel.


The Camilla Dress from Virginia Dare Dress Co.

They also do pockets … and I am growing quite fond of pockets in dresses!


The Emma Dress from Virginia Dare Dress Co.

Do these dress look like something you would wear? Then please go on over to where Virginia Dare Dress Co. is trying to raise 60,000 in order to get their company started.

You can pre-order one of the three dresses above by donating money to their cause!

Follow Virginia Dare Dress Co. on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.


4 thoughts on “Virginia Dare Dress Co. Spotlight

  1. Aww, these dresses are beautiful! I’m sad to see that they didn’t raise enough money, but am glad to see that they will continue to try. 🙂 My favorite is the blue floral dress… it’s stunning!
    ♥♥♥ Laura


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