Summer Hiatus … ?

Well, dear readers, my laptop crashed. And died. So thus, no post was scheduled for today.

I may be going on an unexpected summer hiatus.

I have my Kindle Fire, which can be handy, but definitely not for blogging. And the family computer is not readily available to me. So … I will probably be able to do posts every now and then, but I may be on a summer break of sorts until I save up for another laptop.

Eek. This was unexpected.

But, God is good and He has a plan.

Thursday night I was praying, and trying not to freak out, and freaking out a little, and praying. Sick (hasn’t even been a month since I was last sick!). Laptop dying. Unlikely to get the job I was so hoping for. Feeling emotionally down.

But I kept telling myself that God had a plan. He’s taking care of me – maybe it’s all just looking different from His perspective. I can’t see why these certain things are happening. But there’s a reason, and I can trust Him.

Well, I got an email that night saying that I was hired! It was pretty unexpected. I’m supposed to start work on Monday! ❤ So, if you all would pray that I’m better by then, I would really appreciate it!

I have a sinus infection and allergies … maybe not a cold/flu at all. I was feeling pretty miserable, but I’ve been sleeping, drinking lots of water, and taking all kinds of natural remedies. I drank some Kombucha today and I’m actually feeling a lot better.

Just trusting the Lord with this. If He wants me to have this job, He will make it work. He is worthy of my trust. 🙂

Tomorrow I go to Sunday school for the first time at the new church I’m going to! I’m pretty excited about that. Hoping to meet a bunch of people and make some friends at last!

Oh, and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY (almost) to all the mothers out there! God has given you a priceless job. Never doubt your worth. Know you are loved. Press into the Lord and love on those precious souls He’s given you.


I’m so thankful for my dear, beautiful mom. ❤ So blessed. I can’t imagine life without her. She’s a unique and precious daughter of God!

Random note: I bought a lovely pink blouse ($1) and cute wedge heels ($3) at a yard sale today! Both appear to be about brand new. Happy about that.

Anyway, I must go! God’s blessings to you all!




4 thoughts on “Summer Hiatus … ?

  1. Oh, I’m so glad about your new job!
    And I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. I have been, too, and haven’t been able to shake it.
    I’ll say a prayer for you!! ❤


    • Thank you, LaKaysha! I was super excited and thankful when they let me know I was for sure hired!

      Ah, it must be going around! I felt pretty good my first week of work, but my cold/allergies/sinus infection … whatever it is … seems to have gotten worse now. I guess we need to keep drinking lots of water and herbal tea. Taking our vitamins. All that. Hope you’re feeling better!

      Thank you, my dear! I’ve been praying for you still! ❤


  2. Oh, that’s tough! Good luck with your new job, and hey, at least with a job you can save up for a new laptop faster, right? 😉 I’ll be looking forward to when you come back!


    • Yes, indeed! I’ll be glad for the day when I can buy a nice, new laptop. Thanks, Hanne T., I appreciate it! 🙂 I’ll still be using my family’s computer to do blog posts, but it won’t be as often …

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