1,000 Blessings

Good morning, dear readers! Can you believe it is only three days until Christmas? I hope you have been savoring the holiday season … counting every blessing and thanking the good Lord for it. For every gift comes from Him! ❤

I thought I’d share with you, today, some of my blessings list! You don’t have to read the whole thing 😉 … but perhaps it will inspire you to start looking around you and seeing the joys.

What are you most excited about concerning Christmas? Sweet time with family and friends? Rest? Delicious food? Thoughtful gifts? Precious Christmas hymns? Candlelight services? Laughter and games?

Have you let your heart be still and in awe of the loving Messiah?

Please comment below with a list of YOUR blessings! 🙂 Let’s share the JOY OF THE LORD!


My Blessing List

family around the table

cutting up sweet potatoes at the kitchen counter

reading beautiful, poetic writing

new people in the house


a child’s innocence

playing games with my family


women’s Bible study

late-night run to town

singing along to the radio with sisters

sharing from the heart

book mail

uncontrollable laughter

story inspiration

helpful reminders & encouraging comments on my blog

precious words of God

fiery orange tree

laughter in the morning

long walks

fall festivals

sharing prayer requests

Ann Voskamp’s testimony

needs met

phone call with dear, sweet friend

breathless tears and laughter

prayer in the quiet of the morning

health issues not as bad today

smell of freshly-made soap

little brother’s happy voice

fall scenery

exploring downtown with sisters


selling soap

sunflower butter oatmeal bowl

rainy morning

new month

feeling good after workout

dressing up pretty

savory food

encouraging Youtube videos

leaves on the ground

rays of sun, amidst the cool air, like a balm on my face

little brother playing with my hair

hot tea

organized and clean space

vacuuming the floors

trying a new recipe

cooking wholesome food

vigorous walk in the cold

wood stacked snugly, ready for winter

pumpkin pie

less anxiety than usual

starting a new & exciting book

leaves blowing past my window

pastor speaking with passion, joy, and humor

lovely conversations with my aunts

seeing new people

growing fellowship in church

pastor speaking truth

gas in my car

genuine smiles

day of rest

writing blog post, happy

family Bible study

hugs from my ladies’ group

encouragement & counsel from friend

lunch, coffee, conversation

prayer time in the night

getting soaps labeled

fresh, clean, healthy hair

good book

prayer time

laughter with sisters over movies

job interview

Bible reading plans

godly women who support me

cozy, roaring fire

friends coming to visit

feeling of  overwhelming peace and joy

texts from dear ones


encouraging words, warming the heart

seeing sister in the morning, who unexpectedly stayed home from work

pretty frost on the trees

dragon time essential oil

people following my little blog

laughing & dancing with mom and siblings


Chick-fil-A fries

quality time with people

baking & cooking for Thanksgiving



sunshine coming through my window

catching up on my to-do list

anticipating little brother or sister

Thanksgiving food, rest, joy, and fellowship

fire humming in the fireplace

a day ahead of me

sweet, gracious friends

anticipation, faith, and expectation



laughing until I cry

the ability to express thoughts & ideas through writing

Advent family devotional

praying with my family

sibling camaraderie


phone calls with friends

anticipating going to Christian conference

Bible studies

kind, caring words spoken to me

shopping with sisters

singing along to Christmas songs

power of prayer

cookie exchange

cozy living room


laughter and fun games with siblings, cousins, and friends

Christmas cards

the wonder of the season

buying Christmas gifts for family


birthday wishes & outing with special friends

sweet & beautiful words from friends

pizza, gluten-free & dairy-free

wandering through huge bookstores

buying books

chocolate cake with whip cream frosting (and safe for me to eat!!)

warm weather

cleaning my room

the Holy Spirit, filling my heart with passion & joy, and my eyes with tears

Bible study & fellowship at friend’s cozy house

mint green purse

brother coming for Christmas!

stepping out of church into snow swirling; fat snowflakes falling on me; driving home through winter wonderland

prayer time bringing peace to my soul

Jesus’ words … the way they comfort me

Christ, my Joy

O HOLY NIGHT – Scotty McCreery


Happy Christmas Season!

Hello, dear readers!

I haven’t been as frequent and timely about posting on here, and some of that is because I’ve been sick. Not terribly sick, but sick enough that it has been interfering with my schedule over about the last week and a half. And with physical ailments often comes anxiety struggles for me. So bear with me. I’ll try to be posting on both Tuesdays and Saturdays again soon here! 🙂

Anyway. Happy Christmas season! ❤ I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving, and are enjoying the start of the Christmas season. I’ve come to love this season … the feelings of joy, peace, and hope, and the celebratory mood that comes with it. It’s a wonderful time to be still before God and just reflect on Him, His coming to us as a baby and Savior thousands of years ago, and His second coming that we know will happen.

This is the first year that my family and I are participating in Advent. I came up with a plan and found a devotional on YouVersion called Advent: Christ is Coming!. My parents, siblings, and I started going through it a couple days ago.

Each evening we gather in the living room, read Scripture on prophesies in the Old Testament on the coming Messiah & such, discuss a little, sing songs (last night we sang O Come, O Come, Emmanuel), and eat a special snack. We’ve had sparkling water with fruit in it, and a veggie tray thus far.

I love traditions and have wanted to celebrate things like Advent, so this is really exciting for me.

This season is about Christ, and I love to find ways to remember and celebrate that! What a joy to belong to the eternal King and Savior of the world! I am His and He is mine! ❤

So tell me in the comments: